Resorts, Hotels & other Accommodations

Whether you're going to be staying at an all-inclusive luxury resort in the tropics for three weeks, in a rental condo at the shore for a long weekend, or overnight in a hotel a couple hours away for a business trip, Wanderlust Travel can find you the best rates and handle your booking details.



Ocean cruises and river cruises have grown both in popularity and in their offerings. You might not believe some of the destinations you can travel to aboard a cruise ship! But you can count on Wanderlust Travel to find the ship that best suits your style, budget, and destination plans.


Guided Tours, Excursions & More

Perhaps you'd like to spend your vacation motoring across Scotland, with a chauffeur to drive you and point out historical sites. Or maybe you want to drive dune buggies to the most scenic spots in St. Lucia. Whatever you may want to do, Wanderlust Travel can help you make the arrangements.


Did someone say beach wedding?

There's something profoundly beautiful about exchanging vows at the seashore in paradise. If you're planning a wedding, Wanderlust Travel can help you with many of the details for the ceremony, as well as booking blocks of rooms for you and your guests.

Specialty Group Travel and Fundraisers

Does your scuba club want to travel to Belize next January? Wanderlust Travel can arrange the entire package, including airfare, car rentals, accommodations, and dive charter.

How about your kid's soccer club taking in a couple professional matches in England? Practically any group that wants to travel to pursue their interest will find Wanderlust Travel's services second-to-none.

Charitable organizations may be interested to learn that travel can be a very successful way to raise funds. Members and donors are offered a discounted rate on a cruise or other travel package, and a portion of the proceeds from the fares go to support the organization. Win-win!


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